Friday, July 26, 2013

We Get by with a Lil Help

from our friends.

Since MagnifiCuffs launch on July 11 the support and encouragement has been amazing.

The Sunday after the launch I went to my girlfriend's house for a girls night that was scheduled about a month prior.

My other girlfriend and I were welcomed into her home with platters of bright veggies and fruits, beer bread (from Tastefully Simple, have you had it? So good!), tortilla chips and guacamole. The spread of food she had was beautiful and delicious.

Isn't it such a great feeling when friends go that extra mile to make you feel special and comfortable in their home?

We talked, we ate.  Then we talked some more. 

Since the MagnifiCuffs launch happened only 4 days prior, I brought product with me to show my girlfriends in person.  After we moved away from the food I showed them what I brought.

My girls, Sarah and Allison, asked about the process and excitedly offered to model MagnifiCuffs for the site!

For the next couple hours we ran up and down the stairs (they were extremely sore from an earlier work out so I felt kind of bad), mixed and matched adornments with different ribbons, tried them on with different pairs of pants and shoes, then ran outside to pose in natural light. Below are some of my favorite photos from that night:

Me and Allison (we will do a selfie with Sarah next time!)

It was such a fun and supportive experience for my girlfriends to gift me with. One I bet we will all remember!

Thank you so much, Sarah and Allison!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our Mission

As consumers, our experience is that the most successful companies, or companies that are on their way to being hugely successful, are consistently consistent. 

From visiting a store (online or brick and mortar) to purchasing and receiving the product, the customer knows exactly what it is they are getting.  The interaction with company staff, the quality of the product, the price point, etc.

But, it goes further than that.  There is an assurance each customer has that, if for some reason there is something wrong or unpleasant with the experience, they will have their needs met, or more likely, exceeded.

This is our intention for you, and for your relationship with MagnifiCuffs.

We are in the beginning stages of building a brand, and we need your help.   If anything stands out during your purchase, or receiving of products, please share it with us.  Whether it be positive or negative.

We need you to know that your voice matters.

We truly believe that the only way we are going to be able to create a pleasurable experience for every new customer, and maintaining relationships with our current ones, is by listening to each of them.

We sincerely hope you can share in our excitement knowing that your feedback is assisting in growing MagnifiCuffs. 

Warmest regards,
Marcia & Ryan Sheehan
Owner & President
MagnifiCuffs, LLC

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Her story

MagnifiCuffs are fashion accessories with a function.  Think of MagnifiCuffs as apparel jewelry that, as well as adding style, keeps rolled cuffs in place.

When Marcia, owner and designer, created the first pair of MagnifiCuffs, it was to transform her pants into capris.  She wanted something that would keep the material rolled up, but that was also fashionable.

After she created her first set of MagnifiCuffs, Marcia was so excited she literally ran to her closet to find a shirt that better matched her dressed up capris.

As she looked through the closet, she saw one of her favorite shirts.  This shirt had a fabric strip and button sewn into the sleeve, similar to the convertible pants that gave her the idea of MagnifiCuffs years ago.


MagnifiCuffs arent solely for converting pants to capris.  They can be used to accessorize *any* article of clothing!

MagnifiCuffs are adorned fabric strips with strong magnets that allow each set to be used interchangeably with skirts, pants, dresses and even shirts and blazers, without damaging the material.

The sky is the limit on how you accessorize with your MagnifiCuffs!

We have a wide selection of styles from every day, to evening out.  Please visit our MagnifiCuffs store to order your pair now.  

Not only will you be fashion forward with this unique clothing accessory, currently each set of MagnifiCuffs is one of a kind!

Products are proudly hand made in the USA.