Thursday, August 29, 2013

She Dreams of Peridot

Marcia and Ryan have a 4 year old son who has the same talent as them of always messing up song lyrics.

One of the songs last year he would mix up was Coldplay's "Paradise".

He would belt from the top of his lungs, "She dreamed of Para, Para, Peridot."

You were right baby boy, she does dream of peridot.

Who would have ever thought that just a year after his rendition, his parents would be running a fashion apparel accessory company with the peridot as his mom's inspiration?  Pretty wild the universe's subtle clues.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Support from UngcrediBOWS

After reading MagnifiCuffs goal to "Go Gold" to support the Giordano Family and National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the owner of UngrediBOWS (handmade premium hair bows) graciously offered her companies backing to "Go Gold" as well!

Cherry Ung, the owner of UngcrediBOWS and mother of three, has so generously designated that 100% of the proceeds of the hair bow sales will also be donated to Kyle's Kamp, as previously chosen by Mathias! 

Although Cherry has never met the Giordano's, when discussing the "Go Gold" goal with Marcia, of MagnifiCuffs, she said that if her family were affected by pediatric cancer, "I would love it for people to be as supportive."

We are delighted to present to you "The Bryn", a limited edition handmade hair bow made of gold ribbon:

Each hair bow is hand painted with Mathias's soccer number "12".

Thank you so much to Cherry and UngcrediBOWS for your generosity and support to "Go Gold" in honor of the Giordano family, and all of those impacted by pediatric cancer.

As quantities of "The Bryn" gold edition are very limited, and September is right around the corner, please complete your purchase soon

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Customer Appreciation

Our customers have taken it upon themselves to post pictures of their MagnifiCuffs in action, which has us absolutely thrilled.  So much so that we want to award one faithful customer with a free set of MagnifiCuffs!

Starting today, whenever you upload a picture of your MagnifiCuffs in action, please use the hashtag #MagnifiCuffsLove.  A free set of MagnifiCuffs, of the winner's choice*, will be awarded to whoever receives the most response for their uploaded picture(s). 

You can post pics to FaceBook, InstaGram, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Again, please use the hashtag #MagnifiCuffsLove so at the end of the contest we can tally up the likes, shares, hearts, favorites, retweets, repins.

Contest ends on Friday, September 13 at 3 p.m. EST.  Winner to be announced via Facebook on Friday, September 13.  Winner's set of MagnifiCuffs will ship via USPS First Class on Monday, September 16.

For all of our friends who have already posted pics, contact us for a promotional code for 20% off your entire next order (expires 12/31/13).  Please feel free to join the contest too, just make sure you use the hashtag #MagnifiCuffsLove from here on out. 

*Winner receives their choice of MagnifiCuffs for free from the selection of sets on Etsy on September 13 along with free Shipping and Handling.  Absolutely no cost is incurred by the winner.  Winner may choose to have the won set sent as a gift to a loved one.  If so, please let us know the recipients address and name, and what you would like on the hand written note. 

Good luck everyone!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Going Gold for Team Mathias #12

Our friend, Roya Giordano, has a wish for all of us.  That wish; go gold for the month of September. 

Why "go gold"?  And why September?

Because gold is the official ribbon color for pediatric cancer, and September is the National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Roya & Chris, like many parents in similar circumstances, are courageously fighting cancer's trials with their child, with the humble wish to raise more awareness.  Not just for their loved ones, but for all children. 

As we know; with awareness, comes funding.  With funding, comes scientific studies.  With scientific studies, comes answers, potential vaccines, new treatments and possibly cures.

In honor of Mathias Giordano, (Roya and Chris's 12 year old son, and Troy's older brother), who has fought osteosarcoma with bravery and grace since July 2012, we have created a special set of MagnifiCuffs.  

Mathias and Troy (Flashes of Hope Photography)
For those of you unfamiliar with MagnifiCuffs, they are magnetic apparel accessories that can be worn to cuff pants into capris, or serve as decorative accents for shirt sleeves.

As shown in the picture collage below, to assist with raising awareness and funds, we have created gold ribbon MagnifiCuffs with Mathias's soccer number "12".

Sets can be purchased at our online store for $9.95, plus $2.50 for shipping and handling. 

As designated by Mathias, 100% of the proceeds will go to his chosen charity, Kyle's Kamp,  in honor and loving memory of his friend Gavin Rupp who just passed away on July 30th after 30 months of battling cancer. 

Together we can "go gold" and help raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer.  In addition to going gold with your MagnifiCuffs, you will also directly benefit Kyle's Kamp and visibly show the Giordano's your support for Team Mathias.
For more information on events in September happening in the DC metro area in regards to National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, please visit this site.   
For more information on the Giordano's and Team Mathias, please visit their Facebook page
The Giordano's
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Customized Length Option for MagnifiCuffs

We have added the option in our store to customize the length of select sets of MagnifiCuffs.

This feature is very beneficial for customers who are interested in wearing MagnifiCuffs primarily on their shirt sleeves. 


We have made, and will make forthcoming, this customizable option available for the ribbons that are well suited for shirt sleeves.  

We recommend for shirt MagnifiCuffs that 5 inches is selected.  For pants, we recommend 7 inches.  All images in our store are shown 7 inches in length.  

If you are interested in seeing the options currently available, please visit our store and look for titles that begin with "Custom made".  Other sets that do not have that title are sets that are already finished product, or too wide to be visually appealing on shirt sleeves.  

We hope you enjoy this new feature that allows you more personalized options for your sets of MagnifiCuffs.

Custom made orders take 1 to 3 business days to finalize and ship via USPS First Class Mail.  You can expect to receive your sets within approximately a week.