Monday, September 9, 2013

Commuter Foot Friendly Fashion

As a teenager, I would occasionally accompany Mom to drop off Dad at the Metro's Kiss and Ride so he could commute into DC without dealing with the nonsense traffic. 

I was both shocked and appalled during the first drop off when I saw a woman at the metro in a classy black suit with her slacks rolled up and bulky white sneakers beneath!

"Why even bother with the nice outfit, hair and make up if she is just going to mess it all up with ugly shoes?" I asked Mom.   

Mom explained that the majority of women commuters carry their heels with them, or keep heels at the office, to slip into once they arrive.  She said, "These ladies may have multiple metro transfers and have to walk a few city blocks.  Who wants to do that two times a day in heels!?"   

After I became a working woman myself, I realized just how practical these women were and became less judgey.  Still somewhat judgmental, I can assure you I will never wear sneakers with a suit or slacks.  But ballet flats, count me in! 

How many of you would love the option to wear long dress slacks and flats for the commute, but don't because of the hem dragging?  Maybe you don't want to get those slacks hemmed because the length looks so good with your fave heels. 

What's your solution?  You wear your heels.  Your high high heels.  From when you leave your home in the wee hours of the morning, until you get home in the evening after a full day of walking to meetings, the bathroom, lunch, more meetings, the car/bus/metro, etc. 

Ouch.  Poor tootsies! 

Please see the pictures below for MagnifiCuffs's solution to make your morning and evening commute a lot more comfortable while adding a flash of fashion: 

No more dragging hems!  No more planning your shoes around your pants! 

Think of all the money you will save from not having to replace pants, or paying for alterations.  Not to mention the pain you will save your feet.

As you can see in the pictures above, you can also wear any set of MagnifiCuffs with your heels to shorten pants that are too long, or to avoid getting hems wet when it rains. 

Even better yet, wear your MagnifiCuffs to show the back of those sexy shoes.  You paid a lot of money for those heels, why not show the entire beauty of them off!?

Wishing you a fashionable and foot friendly commute ladies!  Get your start at our shop.

Yours truly,