Monday, October 14, 2013

Focus Group

The excitement of the teen and tween girls we present with MagnifiCuffs is palpable, which has us absolutely delighted! 

These young ladies are super enthused to experiment with how and where to put their new accessories, and have given us many awesome suggestions. 

An example of one customer's brilliant suggestion is to store MagnifiCuffs on her locker door since the magnets will stick to the metal locker!
Through our recent conversations with these girls, we get the impression that MagnifiCuffs may become staple accent pieces in their wardrobes, but would like to test that theory by conducting a focus group. 

If you have a daughter, or daughters, between ages 8 - 18, who would be interested in receiving a free set of MagnifiCuffs, in return for some feedback, please contact us via email at info (at )magnificuffs (dot) com with the subject:  "Focus Group" with the body of the message simply including your daughter's name(s) and age(s). 

The families chosen to participate will receive an email requesting the shipping address, and will be alerted as to when their set(s) of MagnifiCuffs will ship.  We will also let you know the duration of the trial and provide you with the survey questions. 

At the end of the trial we will send a Google Form questionnaire via email that will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

We will not ask for the MagnifiCuffs to be returned, they are your daughters for keeps. 

At this time the focus group is only for the United States, and all correspondence with MagnifiCuffs LLC must be made by a guardian over the age of 18. 

We have limited quantities available for the trial and request that all submissions be sent via email by Midnight EST on Monday, October 21.  You will be notified on Wednesday, October 23 by 9 pm EST if your daughter is chosen.