Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Go Small or Go Home

Thanksgiving of 2011, after 32 long years, my mom finally invited me to participate in a Black Friday shopping extravaganza.  We shopped.  Oh God did we shop.  Until the wee hours of the morning.  It was glorious!  And a bonding experience with my mom and dad I will never forget.

With plans for the next Black Friday already in place, the following October I read a touching article from an Etsy store owner.  She made a plea for Americans to buy handmade.  She stated that with each sale she makes, that money literally puts food on the table for her kids. 

She pulled at my heartstrings, which simultaneously loosened the death grip on my wallet. 

Because I started to shop after I read her article (it also stated that handmade personalized items take longer to prepare) I was able to search for the best price items and buy gifts in intervals as we had the money to do so. 

When I started to buy those gifts, it was 9 months before launching MagnifiCuffs.  I had no idea a year later I would be this woman's peer! 

So you don't feel guilted by me, all of the profits that we receive from sales goes directly back into the company.  When you purchase from us, it's not as noble as feeding our family, but you are helping to grow our business so we can put more good out there.  Kind of makes you an investor, right?!

I urge all of you to start buying now and to buy handmade.  It makes a huge difference to the businesses you are buying from and your gift recipients are smitten with your thoughtfulness of unique one of a kind presents.

Yes, that's a mug with lots of chocolate. 
And yes, the 5 yo and I enjoyed eating the photo shoot models. 

The search parameters on Etsy and eBay make it simple to search for anything. 

Let's say you have a mother in law who loves chocolate labs, there are 1091 items on Etsy and 6693 items on eBay.  There are college team onesies, personalized cutting boards, moon necklaces that have the exact moon that was in the sky the day you were born, etc. 

There's no limit on how creative you can get with gifts for your loved ones.

Try it, I think you'll like it! 

Marcia, Ryan and the Sheehan boys