Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our First Shop Deal!

Last week started off fabulous with my participation in #RealMomStyle on Monday.  I showcased a new top in which the sleeves were held up by MagnifiCuffs for a wine glass painting party the previous weekend. 

The week ended with me on Alexandria Stylebook as their Street Style feature!  I got the opportunity to showcase an outfit from Zoe Boutique (I also wrote about them here) while being photographed on the waterfront of Old Town Alexandria.  What an awesome experience it was to work with the gals from Zoe Boutique and Alexandria Stylebook and be featured on their website!   

This week has been all business. 

Early this Tuesday morning my mentor made me role play sales calls/visits with her.  Although I have a history in sales (I sold computer hardware for a couple years), the idea of face to face sales of my handmade product is very difficult to stomach.   

After many rehearsals (many of me walking in, making eye contact, laughing, turning around and walking back out), she finally said I was prepared. 

That afternoon I called one of the shops that had been referred to me by a repeat customer.  It went way better than I could have ever imagined!  The owner was an absolute gem and made the process so easy and straightforward. 

In the coming weeks (we will totally let you know the exact date on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) we will have a display with 30 (!) sets at Steppin' Up Children's Boutique in Springfield, Va. 

Later Tuesday evening I was giddy when I realized that we got our first shop deal exactly 7 months after we started MagnifiCuffs!  Can you believe it?

My sincerest thanks to everyone who has helped us to accomplish everything to date.  The recommendations, referrals, babysitting, clothes, models, social media shout outs, excitement, listening ears, household help, taxes, etc...  We are so humbled by the amazing people we are surrounded by and promise we will do you all proud! 

What an awesome couple weeks!   Stay safe and warm!