Monday, February 24, 2014

Real Mom Style #2

On Sunday morning I tweeted my girl (who I just realized I've only met virtually...God bless the internet!) María José Ovalle:

I really enjoyed participating in the first #RealMomStyle hosted by Very Busy Mama a few weeks ago so wanted to partake again.  María is such a doll to share and support her mompreneur friends that I totally want to support her efforts for which she thinks I'm a good fit. 

Sunday afternoon my older sister and I stopped for a few pizzas before we hit one of her local parks in Gainesville, VA with our four kids.

When our girlfriend Brett arrived she looked ahmazing so I asked if I could take some pics of her after she took some of me.  She obliged and we found a perfect set of MagnifiCuffs to compliment her outfit.  *We both liked how well the MagnifiCuffs went with the outfit that they became her newest permanent (and hopefully favorite) accessories.* 

Later this week I will be posting the pics of Brett on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter (if you don't follow along on those pages, please click on each link to do so) along with some of the shop collages with our youngest and cutest ever models!!! YES!     

Here are a couple pictures in the 60+ degree weather (to the right of me, that's snow!):

Photo by Brett Nicole Bowen
The boot's heels may have been a bit much for the park but whateves, mama had modeling to do.

We started out the photo sesh with me facing the sun.  That is the reason my head to toe shot is more of a chin to toe shot.  My face looks mean... or old...wait, confused?  Ok, maybe all three! 

Let's just say I will be learning a bit more about photography than "use natural sunlight" for the next shoot. 

After about 10 mediocre shots we migrated to a better spot with shading (where we couldn't see the kids, thanks for watching them Aa!) and got this shot.

Photo by Brett Nicole Bowen

Very nice!  Great job, Brett! 

Did you notice in both pics I am holding a super cute mini briefcase?  Do you wonder what it is? 

Well it is nothing other than my MagnifiCuffs carrying case! 

A while back I gave my mentor a play by play of a very frazzled meet up.  I explained to her that the meet up was very awkward because I was unsure how to handle the setting, circumstances, and how it was scheduled.  I erred on the side of being too casual and didn't make a deal nor had any idea how a deal would have even been possible to make.

She told me I needed to have a compact display (for lack of a better word) case that I could easily carry with me.  That although I know my product in and out and have all the deets in my mind, it's invaluable to have actual product that the interested party can put their hands on and pictures of displays, packaging, etc.   

After the meeting I spent weeks online looking for something that could work.  I finally gave up and settled on a pleather iPad cover from an Etsy shop.  Still waiting on the delivery of my soon to be repurposed iPad case I stumbled upon the case below.  It was at Ross on a bottom shelf in a large box that said in large letters "BIBLE CASE".  I didn't need a bible case but the word "case" and the handle jumped out at me.  Upon further inspection, I fell in love.  It was perfect!    

With my handy dandy carrying case I am now prepared for a professional presentation anywhere!  For anyone! 

At the recommendation of my mentor I also carry the Square credit card reader with me so I can take orders on the spot.  You've been warned! ;)  JK!  *Remember from above I do pay people in product for letting me take pics of them...mama loves to barter!  Email me if you are interested info*at*magnificuffs(.)com*
Serioulsy though, isn't this case perfect for when I start pounding the pavement for more shop deals now that our first shop deal should be finalized by the end of this week!? 
Ok, about the outfit:
Black V-neck 3/4 sleeve wrap shirt with side ruching from Express (8 - 10 years old)
Baby blue scarf from Ann Taylor (12/2013 birthday gift from my lil sister <3)
Baby blue with white polka dot and pearl adornment MagnifiCuffs
Tan skinny jeans from Ross (last summer)
Black boots (gift from a girlfriend)
Please visit Very Busy Mama's blog for more details on #RealMomStyle and join us if you are so inclined.  Trust me, it is SO fun to get all gussied up with a girlfriend and take pics of each other!  Yay!