Monday, February 3, 2014

Real Mom Style

I was invited by María José Ovalle of Very Busy Mama to participate in a new series called "Real Mom Style".

María instructed the interested participants to upload a couple pictures of an outfit or item we want to showcase, say what we did while we were dressed up, and then link up through her site. 

This is the outfit I wore:

photo by Matt Lim

Here's the same outfit without the purse and with a pose (legs, not shmeyez) I learned on Pinterest:

Photo by Matt Lim

So what did I wear this outfit to? 

My girlfriend Allison (you may remember her from this post) had friends over on Saturday evening for a wine glass painting party.  Never heard of that type of party?  No one has! 

Allison and a friend participated in a Living Social deal at a studio and brought the idea home with them! 

Invitations were sent out about a month ago and guests arrived to their own box of 4 Ikea wine glasses, paints, paint brushes, stencils, and delicious food and wine.  It was a very thoughtful and well planned evening.  Everyone (9 painters!) had a great time. 

What do you think of the finished product:

About the outfit: 

The shirt I wore was less than a day old.  I bought it from the StyleRide Boutique when I went by the owner's WearHouse the day before.

When I saw the shirt on the rack it jumped out at me.  I loved the lace detailing on the back and the scoop neck. 

I went through the rest of the racks and paused and hemmed and hawed over the blacks and greys.  As I told you in María's feature of me, Mama Style: Marcia Sheehan Wears Animal Print and Subtle Pinstripes, my style is typically dark colors in masculine cuts.  

I was pulled back to the delicious sherbet shirt shown.  It was a size large and the price tag was $52 but it was 50% off.  I stared a little too long so was encouraged to try it on.  I tried it on and both the owner and I loved how it looked. 

Because the shirt was a size large the sleeves were a little long so the MagnifiCuffs shown above weren't just for fashion, but also functioned to keep my cuffs pulled up while I painted. 


Earrings by JhenSunshine, Infinity ring by The Bangle, lip gloss by Clinique, "Pink Lemonade" magnetic fashion accessories by MagnifiCuffs
Shirt by "Others Follow" sold by StyleRide Boutique, jeans by "declaration by Democracy" (Ross find a couple summers ago), metallic boots unlabeled (given to me by a friend), purse by "Mossimo" (2012 birthday present from a bestie)

photo by Matt Lim