Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Saying "No" to Business

The most liked picture on our Facebook fan page to date has been of the below doll who participated in our Focus Group.  Her mom sent the picture to me and told me her daughter "LOVES them" and she specifically chose her outfit to match her MagnifiCuffs. 

A month after sharing this picture with our Facebook community this darling's mom let me know that she shared the picture with groups she belongs to for parents of children with limb differences.  

The messages started to flow in within hours of her heads up message to us.  A lot of messages! 

The parents were so excited to find something special for their daughters and sons.  Something new to the market that could be functional for their children while also adding a little flair. 

It was with a very heavy heart that I had to respond to the majority of the requests with a "no" because of the children's ages. 

I responded to the messages from parents with young children that magnets are lethal if swallowed.  The magnets can get stuck in digestive and intestinal tracks with no way to pass and result in loss of life. 

As a small business owner in a company's infancy (5 months at that time!) I can assure you that one of the hardest things to do was say no to customers requesting to order our product. 

While it was difficult to say no to orders and to growing our business one customer or potential word-of-mouth advocate at a time, the thought of us hearing a child passed away from using our product was unbearable.

We didn't seek legal counsel to determine that our MagnifiCuffs should not be purchased for children under age 5, it comes from Ryan and I being parents ourselves.  Having a three year old son who still puts stuff in his mouth (seriously...3!) we cant risk it.  Call us overcautious but as parents we know there really is no such thing...right?! 

Once we receive our stamp in the mail, each set will have this warning.  Until the stamp arrives, we will have it on labels on the boxes.  We also have the warning on each description in the Etsy store. 

Hopefully this message doesn't have you question the quality of our product.  Each set has both sides of the magnet hot glued to the ribbon and is then hand sewn (because magnets get caught on the sewing machine metal lip...oh the dedication) by me to ensure the sets wont come apart.  See pics below for a close up of the craftswomanship.  

We have promised you from the beginning to be honest and treat you as we would like to be treated so this is one of our ways of upholding that promise to you. 

From one Mama to Another,