Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's Official!

We are in retail!

Friday morning I went to Steppin' Up Children's Boutique and with the help of the owner set up our MagnifiCuffs display *in the window*! 

8091 E Alban Rd, Springfield, VA (off Ffx Co Pkwy)

Window Spot!

It was such a wonderful experience. The night (morning) before I was up from 1 am to 5 am too excited to sleep. Our age limit stamp arrived earlier on Thursday so I spent that time stamping the boxes. It was a good thing I was productive during that time because after dropping the 5 year old at preschool I was too fuzzy brained to have done it then.

My Bag was Packed...I was Ready to Go!
Channeling my innermost tired entrepreneur

On the way home from the store I almost deposited the check through the ATM

Receipt from this is on my bulletin board

then thought it would be a great photo opp with the boys. I mean seriously you only get your product into stores the first time once in your life right?! 
Our beautiful boys and me depositing (!!!) money

It took up until that first call to Steppin' Up Children's Boutique to feel comfortable selling to retail but I believe it's happening in the time frame it should have. 

I have never been more confident in the quality of the MagnifiCuffs.  My craftwomanship, magnet strength, and packaging all meet my expectations and I am very proud of how far the product and we (the LLC) have come. 

Watch out DC metropolitan area shops, I'm coming for you!