Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March is for Collaborations

In my life common themes have a way of appearing and reappearing until something is done about it.  For the past 6 weeks or so the word "collaboration" kept appearing. 

Naturally I went out and started collabing.  And by "out" I mean through my trusty laptop.  Jk, I did get out in the real world too. 

I am so grateful to be surrounded by supportive peers who provide an avenue for me to get my thoughts and product in front of new eyes. 

My first attempt at appeasing the collaboration theme was by offering to write a piece on the importance of collaborating for Nicole Dash, the Founder of Connect Authentically.  You can read the guest piece here:  A Perspective on Collaborating in Business with Peers.

The same day the collaboration piece went live, MagnifiCuffs and 4 other companies (From Mi To You, Heidi Mac Embroidery, Jewelry by jHenSunshine, and Sweet Pea Etc) participated in a group giveaway that valued over $120.  One lucky winner won all of the items shown in the picture* below! 


Last week was also a very collab filled week as I met up with representatives from two different organizations to give multiple sets of MagnifiCuffs for silent auctions to raise money. 

We feel amazing being able to assist in raising funds for worthwhile causes.  We are always available to hear these types of requests so if you know any non-profits who are raising funds, please Contact Us.

The more successful our company gets the brighter our philanthropic spirit glows because we know it is all connected.  Here are 6 of the sets that went to the Rainbow Center 4-H Therapeutic Center and the Parkwood Wee Center: 

Last week I also met with a lady who does home parties for a high end clothing company.  She loves the idea of giving sets of MagnifiCuffs to the hostesses of her parties.  Well that is a great idea!  Her and I will meet again this week so she can go through my arsenal of ribbon and adornments to custom create personal sets for herself and also choose combos for her hostesses. 

Because life can't be all business all the time, the week ended with a trip.  My 2 sisters and I headed up to New York to surprise our oldest sister for her birthday.  She was so surprised it was awesome!  During the trip I got to test out the MagnifiCuffs mug I had shipped to my parents a couple months ago.   

Have a great week everyone!  Get out there and make some collaborations! 

Yours truly,

*Hopefully we can also do more #fabcollab giveaways in the future.  If you or your company are interested please Contact Us