Sunday, May 18, 2014

Real Mom Style #4

After months of only online communication back and forth, Maria Jose Ovalle of Very Busy Mama and I finally met in person a few weeks ago.

As some of you know from reading past posts (including this guest post on Clarendon Moms), Maria has been a huge inspiration to me as an entrepreneur and also helped me very early on to reach her audience by doing a post on me.

Within minutes of meeting her I realized that Maria is just as awesome and real in person as she is online.  What you see is what you get with Maria, and that authenticity is hard to find.

We spoke a bit about the purpose of Real Mom Style and how both of us have benefited from it.  Her and I, and all the participants in Real Mom Style, make time to take care of ourselves physically and then share stories and photos about the pieces we've chosen to wear and to where.   It's a fun way to chronicle not just our outfits, but also the events we wore them to.

Because of serious issues last week, Maria's current Real Mom Style post is not about donning her favorite shoes, or a brand new accessory, it's about taking care of herself mentally.  You can see a very candid video of Maria sharing her battle with depression and her hopes for anyone who needs help to seek professional assistance sooner than later.

When your business idol is at her lowest it feels weird to write a post about fashion.  But I got an email reminder with Maria's video and that she would be hosting Real Mom Style this go around so wanted to support her by posting this.

My Real Mom Style feature is on the outfit I wore earlier today to "This is My Brave", an event held in Arlington.  On the stage sat 14 amazingly brave people who one by one opened up to a sold out show about their mental illnesses.

There seemed to be a common theme over the weekend with news of Maria's experience followed by the "This is My Brave" performance.

My heart hurts for my new dear friend who is going through such a confusing and vulnerable time right now.  As much as my heart hurts, it is also full of admiration for the strength that she is showing by sharing this piece of herself in hopes of helping others.  

And although I cried the majority of the "This is My Brave" performance, it was a truly amazing experience and something I feel proud to have attended and gotten through.  

Mental illness and depression affect a lot of people and we don't have to fight it alone.  I hope that if there is anyone out there that thinks they may need help, that they seek it.  Slow down now and get the conversation
started with a medical professional immediately.

About the outfit:
Shirt from Old Navy
Pants from Ross
Sandals were a gift from a friend
Cant remember where the silver dangley earrings were from
Sunglasses (whoops, didn't make the pic) are Kenneth Cole from Ross
Friendship bracelet from Regenerous Designs
"Amber is the Color of Your Energy" MagnifiCuffs