Monday, June 16, 2014

Anniversary Party Already!?!

On Sunday, July 13 we will be celebrating MagnifiCuffs first anniversary at my first ever trunk show!  This will be happening from 1-4 pm at the Langford Market in the Mosaic District

Leading up to July 13 each day I will post a picture and description of someone who has been an inspiration to me or integral in keeping MagnifiCuffs in business. 

I came up with the title Daily MagnifiCuffs Gratitude Post and shrunk it down to the hashtag #dailymagnitude.  I then realized my real passion in life is coming up with hashtags. 


But seriously, magnitude is defined as "great importance or consequence" and that is exactly what all these peeps/experiences I will highlight are to me and MagnifiCuffs. 

Instagram Feed of Past 4 #dailymagnitude Posts

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I hope to see (and meet!) lots of you at the anniversary party and trunk show! 


PS New sets were added to the shop.  Check them out and buy your first pair for 20% off with code:  firstpurchase