Thursday, October 23, 2014

Brace Yourself!

For those of you who aren't following along on FacebookInstagram and Twitter (sorry for neglecting you Pinterest), I have added magnetic bracelets to my repertoire of handmade fashion accessories!

Boy are they a hit!

customer appresh photo

For just $5 a piece they make a huge statement for a small cost.

taking orders thru 10/24/14

At my niece and nephew's vendor event on Saturday all of my pint sized customers loved how easily the bracelets snapped together and their parents were totes impressed too.

As advised by my bff (I love you, Janie!) I'm not ditching the MagnifiCuffs for MagnifiBracelets (although it is tempting since people know what bracelets are) but will be offering them from now on in addition to the cuffs!

Stay tuned party peeps!