Monday, November 24, 2014

Shop Small while Dreaming Big

I met the ladies of First Impressions at a Real Housewives of Nova event and fell in love with the stylists energy.

RHNova's 3rd Anniversary (look left, MagnifiCuffs display!)
Ive been going to them for almost a year and recently realized how differently I carry myself now, mostly due to my easy to manage and perfectly colored hair. When I have issues finding an outfit, I never have to worry about my hair. That is such a relief!

Not only have the gals at First Impressions taken care of my physical appearance, I have also been extremely inspired and motivated by the owners.  Rocio and Diane are sisters (you all know how much I love the sister bond...back me up Aa) and although Ive mostly worked with Rocio I have such respect for both of them.

When Rocio told me her age and I did the math of how old she was when they opened the salon she almost had to peel me off the floor.  Seriously.

Rocio encouraged me over the summer to give her a lookbook and line item sheet.  I was all "Say what?!" but got to work on it.

first impressions 3rd anniversary and breast cancer benefit
my set up at their 3rd anniversary

Months later I finally have my product in their salon!

I am so grateful for Rocio's patience, encouragement and ease to work with.  I wasnt ready over the summer with the boys home full time and it took me a while to get adjusted with kindergarten and preschool but here we are the Monday before Shop Small Saturday and I am set up in their joint.  Yay!

Current Display at First Impressions

I trust the ladies of First Impressions implicitly with my locks and am excited to not only be their client, but also have them as a customer now too!  When worlds collide!  Wahoo!

If you are in the Fairfax area, please stop by and check out the salon.  You'll love it.

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